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The Best Healthy Chewing Gum In 2020

If someone asked you why you overeat or eat foods that aren’t good for you, what would you say?

Is it because you get cravings for certain foods? The availability of snacks and fast food? Do you find that you’re always hungry? Could it even be a lack of self-control?

While these are all valid reasons that I’ve heard time and time again over the years as a personal trainer, possibly the most likely option is never mentioned.

What is that you ask? Boredom.

You may not even realise it, but one of the main reasons people overeat is through boredom. Think about it, don’t you find you eat less when you’re busy or on the go?

While this may seem a very simple answer to a complex issue, sometimes the best answers are. What’s good about it is that there is a solution to this that is equally as simple, which is a product we will all be familiar with, gum.

Today I’m going to explain exactly how such a common, simple product could be your solution. As we’re concerned with health, I’m also going to talk you through a selection of the most healthy chewing gum, including my top pick Pur Gum, that should ensure you have an option to keep you satisfied enough to make binging a thing of the past.

What Is Gum And How Will It Help Me?

Chewing gum is an item of confectionery that has been around for centuries. It was originally made from the sap of the Sapodilla tree, known as chicle.

Modern chewing gum is made from a gum base, combined with resin, plasticizers, sweeteners, flavourings and colourings.

It is designed to be chewed but not swallowed, as the makeup of it is problematic for the digestive system. The purpose of this is to both give the chewer a pleasant taste in order to satiate them, as well as to give them something to do.

Both of these purposes are central to how it is useful for cutting out binging.

Firstly, the satiating nature of the sweet flavours makes the user much less inclined to think about food. While not technically making you any less hungry, it can move the thoughts of hunger to the back of your mind, stopping you from snacking until your next meal.

While that is an important benefit, the second point about keeping you occupied is the central component to its success and the one we will primarily be focusing on.

When you have nothing to do, your brain has a tendency to make your mind wander. It can produce thoughts of hunger or make you more susceptible to temptation, encouraging you to snack purely to give you something to do.

This is very similar to the issues faced by people who are quitting smoking. Outside of the drawbacks from the nicotine, one of the biggest struggles many have is the lack of something to do with their hands or mouth. This is why items such as electronic cigarettes and nicotine gum have become so popular.

It gives the user something to do to keep occupied and take their minds off of their cigarette cravings. This is exactly the same way the gum will help take your mind off food.

So what exactly makes a healthy chewing gum you ask. That’s a very good question, as to the naked eye they may all seem the same, with the exception of a variation in flavour and shape.

When looking at what makes a healthy chewing gum, a few points to consider include:

  • Does it contain sugar?
  • How is it flavoured?
  • Are the ingredients natural or artificial?
  • Does it contain plastic?

If you try to look for a sugar-free gum, which is naturally sweetened and flavoured, you’ll be well on your way to finding a healthy chewing gum.

That being said, why don’t we just save you the trouble and move on to the list as I’ve already done the research for you. As usual, I’m going to show you a few options to try and make sure we have all our bases covered.

Comparison Table Of The Best Healthy Chewing Gum


Taste Variety Price Health Smart
Best Overall

Pur Gum

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7/10 7/10 9/10 10/10
Best Tasting


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10/10 10/10 8/10 7/10
Best Value

Wrigley’s Orbit

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6/10 6/10 10/10 6/10
Best All Natural

Simply Gum

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8/10 9/10 6/10 9/10
Best Bubble Gum

Tree Hugger

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9/10 8/10 7/10 8/10

Best Overall Option- Pur Gum

Pur is a Swiss company that first opened a decade ago. Their mission is to make sugar free products that are suitable for everyone.

When it comes to their gum, while not necessarily the most famous brand available, they are one of the most popular and highly recommended by both consumers and critics.

The only thing separating them from the top spot on the market, like they already have on this list, is time. Time for the word to spread that they are as nice tasting as the more famous names and time to show that they are already the most healthy chewing gum around.

Selling Points

  • Sugar-Free- Like many chewing gums available today, all Pur gum is sugar-free. This is important as not only does it avoid supplying you with empty calories, making it suitable for those of us watching our figure, but it also makes it accessible to people such as diabetics, who cannot afford the insulin spike associated with sugar.
  • Naturally Sweetened- Sweetened using naturally occurring xylitol, which is a positive for those who try to avoid artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Even if you don’t, it’s always better to have a natural product over a man-made chemical wherever possible.
  • Variety Of Flavours- What’s better than a naturally flavoured gum? When the gum is available in 8 different natural flavours. Alongside the traditional options like spearmint and bubblegum, you have some exciting choices such as cinnamon, chocolate mint and pomegranate mint.
  • Great Value- Gum is certainly a product you don’t want to be breaking the bank for, especially as it has no real nutritional value. It’s important then that this comes in as the second cheapest on the list and one of the better value options on the market overall.


  • Contains Plastic- While this may seem a little harsh, as the majority of modern gum contains plastic, it’s still important when we’re looking at healthy chewing gum. While plastic-free options may be few and far between they are still available, so this has to go down as a slight knock against Pur Gum.

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Best Tasting Option- Trident Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

At this point, probably a much more well-known brand, Trident are one of the most popular producers of chewing gum worldwide and that can likely be attributed to one factor- taste.

Available in a whopping 15 different flavours including dragon fruit, watermelon and pineapple, Trident has more variety than most gum brands in general but is head and shoulders out in front when it comes to variety in healthy chewing gum.

All are naturally flavoured using xylitol, with zero sugar, making them suitable anywhere, at any time for anyone.

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Best Value Option- Wrigley’s Orbit

Undoubtedly the most famous gum manufacturer in the world, Wrigley’s have been doing what they do for a long time. It should therefore come as no surprise that they make the list when looking at healthy chewing gum, nor should it be a surprise they are the cheapest option.

The greater the volume of a product you produce, the cheaper the manufacturing costs per item become. While some don’t pass that value on to the customer, a lot of brands like Wrigley’s do, in order to enhance their popularity.

Like the previous two options on this list, the absence of sugar makes it desirable for those looking to avoid an insulin spike, although unlike the other two this one is artificially flavoured, knocking it down the list a few pegs.

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Best All Natural Option- Simply Gum

This option is where things start to shake up a bit. Simply Gum has decided to take things right back to the traditional with their gum. Everything is completely natural, right down to using the traditional chicle as the base, in order to avoid plastic.

Now, some may wonder if they should be included when talking about healthy chewing gum, due to the fact they include sugar.

The fact is, while sugar is better avoided where possible, small amounts of natural sugar won’t be a big deal for the majority of people. That’s why the ups outweigh the downs here, and with no artificial ingredients whatsoever, it absolutely belongs right in the thick of a discussion about healthy chewing gum.

Add that to its incredible list of flavours, such as coffee, ginger and maple and you might just find this is one of the more interesting options on the list for you to try.

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Best Bubblegum Option- Tree Hugger Bubble Gum

OK I know this article is about the best healthy chewing gum, but I felt it was only right to put one bubblegum on the list as well.

Who among us can honestly say their inner child doesn’t take over from time to time and have them trying to blow bubbles with regular gum?

Well if that’s the case, why not make your life easier and keep a bag or two of these around for just such a time.

Like Simply Gum, these do also include sugar but again it is a small amount of naturally occurring sugar. They are completely GMO-free and contain all-natural flavours and colours too, so while not quite as back to basics as Simply, they also certainly belong in the healthy chewing gum conversation.

Available in 9 great flavours, including lemonade, tangerine and classic bubblegum, no one will burst your bubble if you have a healthy supply of these to hand.

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Hopefully, now you can see the importance a healthy chewing gum can play in making sure you keep fit and in shape.

It may seem cliché, but sometimes it truly is the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

Now armed with the necessary information and an ample selection of choices, it should easy to give it a go and try for yourself, especially considering the low financial and time commitment required.

Whether you want to go all-natural, blow bubbles like a big kid or simply grab a something quick to keep you from snacking, this collection of healthy chewing gum should have you covered.

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