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The Best Vegan Protein Shakes In 2020

I recently wrote an article discussing the top whey protein powders available. Now, while I included my top vegan choice, Vega Sport Premium Protein, I realized that for people who live a plant-based lifestyle, I wasn’t providing much of a variety to choose from.

Considering just how important protein is for those of us involved with fitness, as well as how much we use these shakes to supplement our intake, I would hate for someone to miss out because the option I provided didn’t sit well with them.

That’s why today I’m going to be talking exclusively about vegan protein powders.

With veganism and plant-based living becoming more and more popular by the day, the market is exploding with new options. Companies are producing protein powders, giving people from every walk of life the opportunity to find a shake that’s right for them and helps them achieve their fitness goals.

I’m going to start by shining a little more light on my top pick, explaining exactly why I believe it to be the best, as well as providing you with a range of alternative options like I would for any other supplement.


Taste Effectiveness Price Availability
Vega Sport

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9/10 10/10 7/10 9/10

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7/10 8/10 9/10 7/10

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10/10 9/10 8/10 10/10

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6/10 6/10 10/10 8/10

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8/10 7/10 6/10 6/10

Vega Sport Premium Protein

Vega has been producing plant-based supplements since 2004, long before the plant-based boom even began.

They have spent years dedicated to only making plant-based products. As such they have had the time to develop their craft, analyze feedback, and perfect their products.

This dedication to achieving their mission has paid great dividends. While I rate it as the best vegan protein powder around, I am not alone. You will find it topping many boards and posts discussing the best vegan options available, as well as being one of the very top sellers in its category.

If you still aren’t convinced, allow me to show you in more detail some of the points that make it so successful.

Selling Points


  • Protein Content- At 30 grams of protein per serving, this comes in at the top of the pack when comparing it to other vegan powders and only slightly behind the leading non-vegan options as well.
  • Great-Tasting– Regularly discussed as one of the best tasting vegan proteins around, this comes in 5 awesome flavors that should provide something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Additional Supplements– Comes loaded with 5 Grams of BCAA’s, a supplement that’s essential for helping you build muscle. It also provides ample amounts of probiotics to improve gut health and tart cherry to help reduce muscle soreness.
  • Gluten, GMO, and Artificial Flavour and Preservative Free– While “animal-free” is at the forefront right now, it is not the only thing that people are trying to avoid. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, and artificial additives are also becoming more widely avoided. With this containing none of the above, it makes it a suitable option for virtually everyone.



  • Price- While you certainly get the bang, you will be spending substantially more than a buck to do it. While you often get what you pay for, the fact this is the most expensive powder on this list, and one of the most expensive vegan options I have seen, it will undoubtedly put some people off.Vega View On Amazon

 Alternative Options


So, now that I’ve explained in detail exactly what makes Vega Sport Premium Protein my preferred choice, it’s time to show you some alternative options, as I promised.

There will always be certain needs and wants that some people have that won’t be covered by the leading option.

I’m therefore going to show you another 4 choices that I feel should have you covered for any occasion.

Best Value- Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Protein Powder

Considering the main drawback to the Vega was the price, let’s deal with that issue straight away.

Orgain’s plant-based protein powder is one of the cheapest I came across. When you hear that, you may well worry about the quality of the product, as sometimes corners have to be cut to bring the price down.

That’s not an issue you have to worry about here though. One of the best sellers on the market and incredibly well-reviewed, this is truly just a case of great value for money.

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Best Tasting- Myprotein MYVEGAN Vegan Protein Blend

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Myprotein, my cupboard is usually well-stocked with a number of their products as they always produce good value, high-performance goods.

Possibly their top-selling point though, which is exactly what we are looking at here, is taste. Their products are renowned for being great tasting and this is no exception.

Coming in 8 great flavors, including carrot cake, chocolate, blueberry, and cinnamon, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy what they have to offer.

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Best For Baking- Naked Pea

While most will simply make shakes with their powder, some people like to use it for other things too.

One of the biggest issues facing vegans is a lack of protein. That’s why you’ll often find people baking goods using protein powder, to ensure they keep their levels up without having to drink shakes every 5 minutes.

Pea protein is considered to be the best for baking with, as its texture and natural flavor lends itself to the other ingredients.

When it comes to pea protein, naked is the way to go. Great value and with all-natural ingredients, you’ll be grabbing your apron before you know it when you’ve got a tub of this to hand.

For those of you who hadn’t considered baking with protein powder before but were intrigued about the prospect, I thought I’d leave you with a recipe for some delicious protein brownies to get you started.


3 Bananas

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter

1/4 Cup Cocoa Powder

4 Scoops Naked Pea Chocolate Flavour


Mash the bananas and mix everything together.

Press the batter into a greased pan

Bake for 20 minutes at 170*c/350*f

Allow cooling before serving

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Best On The Go- Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake

One of the main selling points of protein shakes is that they are quick and convenient.

What if you forget yours though? Or you don’t have room for your shaker? Or just want something you can dispose of when you’re done.

If any of those are you, you aren’t alone, which is why pre-mixed protein shakes are so popular.

There are a few options available to vegans but the one that stands tall in this field is the Evolve Plant-Based protein Shake.

Available in 9 different flavors, it constantly receives rave reviews and is one of the top sellers around. Perfect when you need a protein boost when you’re on the go.

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While there aren’t as many protein options available for vegans, yet, there is certainly a substantial range out there.

Whether you’re on a budget or on the go.

After a great tasting shake or a delicious cake.

Or whether you just want a great protein powder that can compete with the non-vegan big boys, you should comfortably find something here to make you smile.


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