Review of Best Exercise Bikes

Which Exercise Bikes Are Best To Rock Your Tedious Social Distancing Period

With COVID-19 being a constant (and deadly) nuisance, health improvement has suddenly come into the light as one of our most urgent tasks at hand. With that situation held firmly in mind, this article seeks to answer your most pressing question: Which is the best exercise bikes to optimally fortify your well-being while also livening up your dull social distancing days? 

In my own very modest opinion, I would not hesitate to go for the Yosuda model or the Mindful Living’s. But hey, don’t be pressured by my choices. It is totally up to you to decide which of these 5 spectacular bikes screams loudest for your attention.

General Comparison Of The 5 Best Exercise Bikes


Pooboo DeskCycle  Marcy Mindful Living Yosuda



Low Moderate Low High


Need time to get used to

Very easy to use

Very easy to use Very easy to use

Need time to get used to

Value for the price tag

5 4.8 4.7 4.0


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A Closer Look To Answer Your Question: Which Exercise Bikes Are Best?

1. Pooboo Magnetic Exercise Bike

Second Best Design Aesthetic

This Pooboo exercise bike model (D770-1 to be exact) attracts users thanks to its versatility. It is built for various work-out regimes, let it be strength training, fast-cadence cardio, or full-body routines. 

Structurally speaking, this product will suit trainers with the approximate height from 5 to 6’3” feet and weigh up to 330 pounds. The D770 model, the most advanced in the Pooboo series, is equipped with useful built-ins such as multi-use holders for various electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets … Water bottles can also be placed in this folder. The most exciting feature, in my opinion, is the built-in dumbbell holders, allowing you to modify your training routines for better results.

This device’s safety level is also guaranteed to the highest with efficient emergency stop brake, pedals with metal toe cages, and a fully adjustable handlebar and seat height.

What I like about these products:

  • Suitable for various workout goals and expertise levels.
  • Strong and sturdy metal frame
  • Ergonomic magnetic resistance ensures very noiseless operation 

What I think can be improved:

  • Unimpressive warranty
  • Light flywheel comparing to similar products
  • Lack of RPM reading

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2. DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle, Pedal Exerciser

The Least Impressive Design Aesthetic

This item is designed with a straightforward goal in mind: To unite two very distinct daily “hours” of your day, which are office hours and gym hours. Functional under desks as low as 27 inches, this DeskCycle product can help you burn fat while still focusing on your work. It proves to be an even more significant advantage now as working from home is the norm due to COVID-19.

This top exercise bike is effortless to assemble and guarantees to provide a pleasant workout experience. The magnetic resistance mechanism makes this device super smooth while operating, allowing you to work out without disturbing your co-workers or family members. 

With such a small and streamlined design, it is surprising that DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Device is packed with beneficial elements to support your workout. The most prominent features are the LCD monitor that shows information about speed, distance, calories … and eight different adjustable resistant levels at your disposal.

What I like about this product:

  • Its compactness
  • Surprisingly well-equipped despite its miniature size.

What I think can be improved:

  • The lack of pre-programmed exercises.
  • Heavily dependent on the height of the users.
  • Potentially worsen lower back issues.

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3. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance

Fourth Best Design Aesthetic

The next entry in our list of best exercise bikes is the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike – the most affordable item on our list. 

This Marcy Exercise Bike model makes a name for itself a primary, versatile, and well-built training device that suits people of different heights and body shapes. The utility found on the bike like LCD shows the necessary information and can help you track your progress. 

The handlebar and the overall frame of this bike allow users to be permanently upright, eliminating most threats of lower back issues.

All in all, this product is nowhere near as advanced as some other items on this list; however, with such a mediocre price tag, you simply cannot ask for more. 

What I like about this product:

  • Detailed and easy-to-read LCD monitor
  • Adjustable seat height, making it suitable for users of various ages.

What I think can be improved: 

  • The seat needs better padding.
  • Poor quality plastic casing 
  • The shifting between resistant levels can be rough sometimes.

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4. Mindful Living Under Desk Exercise Bike

Third Best Design Aesthetic

The next best exercise bike is my personal favorite, mostly thanks to its charming and elegant design. This device is meant for under desk usage and, hence, is made to compliment your work space’s aesthetic feature. With a stylish bamboo and matte black cover, this bike acts more than just a workout machine; it can be dubbed as a contemporary piece of office decor.

This model from Mindful Living is armed with a magnetic flywheel, ensuring a total silence workout experience. The seat is also well-padded and comfortable. The machine also includes foldable support wings to save space when storing. 

What I like about this product:

  • The design
  • Its compactness
  • 5-year-warranty on part replacement

What I think can be improved: 

  • The price is a little bit hefty for an under-desk exercise bike

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5. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Best Customer Service 

With a durable steel frame and 35lbs belt-driven flywheel, YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary is among the most operationally reliable items on my list of top exercise bikes. 

Additionally, this device is built with robust adjustability. Everything from the handlebar, the padded seat to the resistant level, can be altered to suit the trainer’s fitness levels or objectives.

The LCD monitor is standard and simple. It provides figures about speed, distance travelled, calories burnt, etc. The device also comes with an Ipad mount, a bottle holder, and toe caged pedals for extra safety.

The two most prominent features of this bike that I think worth mentioning, after using the devices for nearly a month, are, first of all, its strong resemblance to the mainstream gym’s spin bikes, which certainly makes it easier for most to start their workout immediately, saving them hours of digging into the verbose instruction. Second of all, the standard of customer service that YOSUDA imposes on its products is exemplary.

What I like about this product:

  • The high customer service standard
  • High level of comfort
  • High adjustability

What I think can be improved:

  • The assembling process is quite strenuous.

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How To Burn Fat More Efficiently With Your Best Exercises Bikes

best exercise bikes

Answering the question of which exercise bikes are best is one thing; making use of it in the most efficient manner is challenging. Assuming that all bikes have ten levels of resistance, here are three suggested routines for a dynamic home workout routine that I have personally tried for the past few months.

  1. 20-minute-interval-routine that moves you from “easy-peasy” to “OMG somebody saves me!”best exercise bikes
  • Five minutes to warm up. 
  • Four reps of level 4-6 (moderate intensity) divided by four reps of level 7-8 (high heat). Each rep ideally lasts 30 seconds.
  • 1 minute of level 1-3 (easy intensity).
  • Four reps (30 seconds each) of level 4-6 (moderate intensity) divided by four reps (1 minute each) of level 7-8 (high intensity).
  • 1 minute of level 1-3 (easy intensity).
  • Three reps (45 seconds each) of level 9-10 (all-out intensity) divided by three reps (15 seconds each) of level 1-3.
  • 2 minutes of level 1-3 (easy intensity)

  1. 30-minute-Tabata-inspired routine for an exercise bike

best exercise bikes

  • 5 minutes to warm up at level 4-6 (moderate intensity)
  • Four reps that consist of:
  • 8 sessions (30 seconds each) contain 20 seconds of level 8-10 (all-out intensity) and 10 seconds of relaxed biking. It is divided by eight sessions (1 minute each) of recovering at level 1-3 (easy intensity).
  • 5 minutes cool down at level 4-6 (moderate intensity)

  1. 30-20-10-cardio routine using your exercise bike

Best Exercise Bikes

  • 7 minutes to warm up at level 1-3 (easy intensity)
  • Five sessions of 30-20-10 format:
  • 30 seconds at level 4-6 (moderate intensity)
  • 20 seconds at level 7-8 (high intensity)
  • 10 seconds at level 9-10 (all-out intensity)
  • 2 minutes of recovering at level 1-3 (easy intensity)
  • Repeat again five sessions
  • 2 minutes of recovering at level 1-3 (easy intensity)
  • 4 minutes of cooling down at level 1-3 (easy intensity)

Not a big fan of written workout instruction, check out this workout instruction in video form

And My Choice For The Best Exercise Bike Is

As mentioned earlier, my shortlist of the most worth-it exercise bikes includes the Yosuda and the Mindful Living’s model. From the very bottom of my heart, I have to go with the latter. 


First of all, the inspiring design plays a huge part in encouraging me to workout more. Additionally, contemporary charm looks exquisite in my personal working space. Second of all, the current situation requires great resourcefulness from all of us to pursue our daily (workout) routine as jointly as possible. Thus, this device will do wonder in helping me to stay fit while being confined in my own home.

How about you? Have you found the much-seek answer to the question of which exercise bikes are best for you? 

Author: Louise
I have been a fulltime workout enthusiast slash freelance writer for the past 3 years. With a heart fully set on helping others to build a balanced lifestyle, I thrive to deliver articles with clear-cut exercise drills, paired with informative and encouraging details on how to build a better and more sustainable way of life.

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