Best budget treadmills for home use

Best Treadmills for Home Use

Treadmills have been, and will always be one the best home and gym fitness equipment for weight loss. It has been around since before the golden age of bodybuilding, and it will probably outlast all of us. Since its inception till its rise in the eighties and nineties, it was recognized as an exclusive machine, available to the wealthy fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers. In recent years, however, it’s become fairly portable and a staple in most fitness households. Before going too deep into the review, the best treadmills for home use we wholeheartedly recommend is the Serene Life SLFTRD18.

In our decade-plus of buying, testing, and reviewing sports equipment, it’s the best budget, value-packed treadmill we’ve seen. As a gym coach myself, I’m highly critical of products that I test and won’t recommend products without a single redeeming quality.

Our list for best treadmills for home use is listed below ;

  Top Pick: SereneLife SLFTRD18 – our top pick• It has a 1.0hp motor• Adjustable speed from 0.6-6.0mph• Power supply 100-120V• It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 Check on Amazon 
  Value Pick: Merax Electric Folding Treadmill • It has a 1.5hp motor• Adjustable speed from 0.5-7.5mph• One year- service support• Noiseless construction Check on Amazon 
  FUNMILY Folding Treadmill Portable – productivity station2.25hp motor• Adjustable speed of 0.5-7.5 lb• Full tabletop for computer support• Bluetooth support• Reduced noise production 

Check on Amazon 

  Dynamax Running pad- Budget pick• Sturdy aluminum construction• 1.0hp motor• Adjustable speed range of 1-5.5mph• Compact construction Check on Amazon
  Julyfox 1200W electric folding Treadmill- compact Performer• Adjustable speed range of 0.5-7mph• 1.5hp motor• Onboard tracking board Check on Amazon 

SereneLife SLFTRD18 – Smart Folding Compact Treadmill – Our top pick

Best budget treadmills for home use

The Serene Life SLFTRD18 is a compact foldable mobile treadmill that you can set up and use in most rooms of the house. Once fully set up, it has a running surface of 39″L x 13.4″W and can support up to 265 lbs. It is an incline treadmill with speed choices that go as low as 0.6mph and as high as 6.0mph, and it has a motor with 1hp motor. The SereneLife treadmill comes with a digital LCD display that displays the user’s usage statistics. On the screen, you will find information about the user’s speed, runtime, distance, calorie burned, and heart rate, all written out in numbers. 

The treadmill comes with an accompanying app that generates workouts and records your progress. The application is available on android and iOS, and it connects to the device through Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with numerous pre-set modes that help newcomers. You can also modify each pre-set and increase and reduce the intensity as much as you’d like.

This treadmill is good because of the great mobile apps support it comes with, as well as the fantastic LCD screen and extended running platform. It’s no surprise that this product makes our list for best treadmills for home use .For the functionality you get from this machine, the price is worth it.


• Great exercise pre-sets

• It is mobile and portable

•See LCD display that details the majority of the user’s fitness information

• This product is an incline treadmill  with a mobile application


• It usually takes a while for the product to ship out.

• Not the strongest motor

Merax Electric Folding Treadmill – Our Value pick

Best budget treadmills for home use

The Merax Electric Folding Treadmill is a compact, high-performance mobile treadmill with tons of interesting features. Onboard the in-screen treadmill computer, you will find 12 pre-set programs and 3-count down modes that provide an aggregate speed that range from 0.5mph to 7.5mph. It runs on a standard 1.5hp motor.

The Merax comes with a built-in speaker and a great multi-functional LCD display that displays all the relevant user information. It tracks your speed, time, and calories burnt. Through USB plug-ins, you can play music with the great onboard speakers.  The Merax uses noise-reducing belts to create a noiseless immersive, naturalistic experience. The treadmill also comes with a large, easily accessible forced to shut down button that you can find and use if something unusual happens.  The treadmill is built to support up to 240lbs.

The treadmill’s specs and onboard features are an absolute steal for its price. Its compact design makes it flexible, and you can set it up in basically any room in your home. It also comes numerous interesting pre-sets that you can always tweak, and the speakers are better than we expected. This product makes our list for best treadmills for home use because of the amazing value it offers.


• It has Fantastic speakers

• Track your fitness Onboard LCD screen that’s great for sprinters and HIIT workouts.

  • They have 12 individual pre-sets and options that let you create your own pre-sets.



• It is rather small and is only suited for individuals who are below 6 feet.

FUNMILY Folding Treadmill Portable Treadmill – Productivity Station

best budget treadmills for home use

The FUNMILY folding treadmill is a portable folding treadmill with an LCD console top that doubles as a functional table. The treadmill runs with a powerful 2.25HP engine and comes with 12 Programs Pre-sets. You can also switch to manual mode and dictate the speed and intensity of your desired workout.

The LCD displays the time, calories burnt, distance covered, speed, and pulse. The console also doubles as a makeshift tabletop that can house a cup, Ipad, mobile phone, tablet, and laptop if you need it to. The FUNMILY treadmill comes with an impressive shock absorption system and a large safety button that will stop the entire machine in case there is an emergency. It has the dimensions of 50 x 24 x 41 inches expanded, and 49.6 x 23.6 x 7.8 inches unfolded. It supports a maximum user weight of about 265lbs.

The FUNMILY comes with everything you need to get a great, laidback workout in. Everything from music to entertainment and even productivity is possible with this treadmill. It also comes with built-in wheels to ease transportation and is very quiet when it’s running. It’s no surprise this product makes the list for best treadmills for home use


• The LCD dashboard makes it a great makeshift productivity desk. It takes less than 15 minutes to assemble

• It comes with great running pre-sets and possesses fantastic speakers

•  Relatively low-noise machine 


• It is not the easiest machine to assemble out of the box. You will need someone else with you while you assemble this treadmill it’s rather large for a portable treadmill.

Dynamax Running Pad- Our budget pick

Best Budget treadmills for home use

The Dynamax running pad is a foldable, minimalistic functional treadmill for home and office use. It comes out of the box ready to run, so there’s no need for assembly. All you need to do is unpack, plug it in, and use it. It comes with a speed range of about 1-5.5 mph and has a running area of about 47″ x 17″. The Dynamax Running Pad comes with an integrated transport wheel, and it has a speed range of 1-5 to 5 mph with a 1.0hp motor.

It has an aluminum alloy construction, and it is lightweight and strong. Unlike most treadmill on this list, this product does not come with an LCD display that you can track your basic information on. Instead, you need to download a companion app, which you can seamlessly connect, control, and tweak your workouts.

In addition to the helpful app, you still get a small Led console that displays the speed, time, and distance covered in each workout. This product is able to support up to 240 lbs comfortably during use. When folded up, it’s so small; it will fit under most sofas and beds. It comes with a smart device holder, and the safety button is easily accessible on the handle. 

The Dynamix does not come with most of the features we are used to seeing on more expensive, larger portable treadmills. It’s the minimalist’s dream machine that has only a few well-developed features that make everything else its lacking seem almost inconsequential.

For example, it saves money on an onboard LCD display that could’ve been easily replaced with your tablet or phone. And it offers a low speed and performance range with a less powerful motor because most people can’t run that fast. Its compact frame is done well, and it so small, it will redefine what you would typically describe as portable. This product makes our list for best treadmills for home use because it has an excellent price and value.


• Inexpensive compared to other treadmills

• It has an Aluminium construction and it comes with a portable minimalist chassis


• Lacks an LCD display

• Awkward stop button placement. Not the best performing treadmill

JulyFox 1200w Electric Folding Treadmill- Compact Performer

The Julyfox electric folding treadmill is a low impact, high-torque treadmill with a 1.5 HP motor.  It’s perfect for sprinting and jogging, and its speed ranges from 1.5mph to 7mph.  The onboard computer comes with pre-set programs for beginners, intermediate, and experts alike. You can also modify them to make each program more or less intense. 

The July Fox comes with an LCD display that displays the speed, performance, distance covered, etc. The safety button is positioned close to the LCD screen, and it forces a complete shutdown of the entire treadmill. The treadmill also comes with transportation wheels, a holding case, and it has a maximum capacity of 220lbs. It is made from high-grade steel, and it has a running belt of 15 x 41 inches. 

This treadmill is perfect for you if you are not looking for a compact treadmill. It folds upwards and can stand in any corner of the house you choose to leave it in. The mounting station for tablets is wonderful, and the motor is so quiet; you probably won’t hear it as you exercise.This product made our list for best treadmills for home use. Thanks to its amazing quality.


• Quiet, yet powerful motor. It is a very flexible machine.

• Comes with a device mounting station. 


• It has a very low weight limit.

General Criteria

We based our rankings and selection of these treadmills by assessing their functionality, flexibility, and performance. Our top pick is our top pick because of just how wholesome, convenient, and encompassing it is. It caters to every need you may have and performs like a champ. It’s certainly worth the extra money you will splurge on it if it’s exactly the type of machine you are looking for.

Here are most of the features that heavily influenced our choices when we were assembling this list. 

Decent horsepower: The more powerful your treadmill is, the more weight it will be able to pull, and the less it will have to work. 1.0hp upward is the recommended horsepower for most treadmills.

Dimensions and flexibility: The upright and collapsed dimensions of a product is something you want to pay attention to if you want your portable treadmill to truly be portable. Ideally, you want something that will fit under your bed, couch or upright in a small closet. You should also check for quality rubber tires.

Control panel and application: A control panel displays basic information about you while you exercise. On the LED or LCD screen of your machine, you will typically find the distance covered, calories burned, speed, etc. You will also be able to access the pre-set workout routines there too.

The mobile app is the figurative icing on the control panel cake. With it, you can custom-make your workout with attention to more detail, and you typically have access to exclusive brand features here.

Speakers, Bluetooth, and device mounting attachment: For most people, these aren’t indispensable features that will make or break their buying decision. They are more of add-ons that have become staple in modern devices. They are great to have but can be easily replicated or replaced. All except the device mounting station, of course. The device mounting attachment can come in different shapes. It could be a weird add-on or a literal table where you can fit your phone, laptop, or tablet and consume content or work while you exercise. 


Progress in fitness is determined by a person’s dedication and patience, and consistency. For most people, meeting this strict requirement, day-in, day-out, is almost impossible. That’s why workout programs fail, and diet plans fall apart. 

Like most influential fitness voices of the 21st century, we recommend a more realistic approach towards fitness, and that entails finding interesting yet practical ways to work around your limitations. Instead of structuring your work life around your fitness goals, we recommend doing the exact opposite.

The treadmills in this guide were designed to make maintaining a fit lifestyle less problematic and more manageable. And we hope to make your fitness journey less difficult by introducing you to these machines.

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