Zoom Weekend – 10 Fun Things To Do

It’s Zeekend!!!!…. Sorry, Weeeeeeekenddddd!…..

Now, let’s all face one truth!

Social Distancing! Social Distancing! Social Distancing!

Having said that! We still have to have our get-togethers and family times, and most of us are now fetching for ideas on how to make those Zoom Weekend Calls & family times more interesting.

Some of us have prayed to “Batman”, but he’s too busy and the max he may do is send “Old Alfred”.

So, to save you from complete boredom, Slimdubai.com has come up with these Fun 10 Interesting Games you can play Online with your friends to enjoy and spice things up!

Wishing you all a Happy Thursday and do let us know what you did!….

1. Zoom Bingo…

Our first pick is our favorite childhood game!

Played this through the various family get together while growing up & it is a classic!

Never gets old to say, “Two Fat Ladies….Number 88”!

What you need are:

  • Bingo Set, so you can play Bingo! Duh…
  • Now, simply share the images of the tickets through WhatsApp and they can draw on a piece of paper or use excel.
  • What else you ask? Nothing, just the “Two Fat Ladies” 😉

2. Quiz Time!!….

Popular classic Weekend Get-A-Way Activity!

To spice up things a bit we have provided some Multi-Player Quiz Options below:

  • Multiplayer Millionaire – Play Millionaire Online (Google Play Store)
  • Quiz Up
  • Pub Quiz – Trivia Masters (Another fun Google Play Store app)


3. Pictionary

Divide each other into teams during that Zoom Call and then simply use one of the links below:

  • https://skribbl.io/. You can go here & share the link with your friends to play!
  • Drawize.com also has fun ones
  • And also does Quick Draw!

4. Ludo

We couldn’t stay away from the classics!

Download “Ludo King” on your phone and simply choose “Play with Friends” and enjoy.

The only disadvantage here is that it’s up to 4 players per game so maybe not ideal for bigger gatherings!

5. Taboo

  1. First, divide your Zoom Party into two teams & take turns sharing screens!
  2. Choose the person each round who will be the clue-giver
  3. This person will help their team guess the main word using one word at a time or by picking two words from the list.
  4. You have to make sure you don’t say any of the words you are not to say over Zoom!

Hit Play Now to start playing some Online Taboo!

6. Play Jackbox

This is the Adult Section of this Blog Post!

Kids! Please stop reading & go to bed as your parents will wake up tomorrow morning and play those nice Board Games we have suggested!

To play this! One of the people in the Group has to go to the site called Jack Box! The Party Pack now costs $29.99 & you can invite up to 10 players!

In the PC Version, you can share your screen on Zoom & play games like “Fibbage”, “Word Spud”, “Drawful” and so many more.

7. Cards versus Humanity

Simply go to playingcards.io, click “start game” and share the code provided with your pals who each play from their respective PCs.

Connect to each other via each other PCs through Zoom & boom boom kaboom you go!

8. Zoom Uno

unomaha.zoom.us is a wonderful site where you can choose a multi-player version sharing the screen with everyone! 

You can corrupt the game a bit by making it a drinking game! 😉

9. Never Have I Ever

Decide the order of turns!

Then the first player, says a simple statement about what they have never done before starting with “Never have I ever!

Anyone who at some point in their life has done the action that the first player says, must drink!

Play continues around the circle, and the next person makes a statement.

10. Truth or Dare

Last but not the least, you can go to psycatgames.com!

While there are a whole lot of options we suggest “Truth or Dare” !

Keep us posted on how your Zoom Weekend went. 


  1. https://skribbl.io
  2. https://playtaboo.com
  3. http://www.jackboxgames.com
  4. https://unomaha.zoom.us
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Have_I_Ever
  6. https://psycatgames.com/app/most-likely-to/
Author: Prashant

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