Abs in 10 Minutes – Do these for a Stomach Shredding Session!


These Ab Workouts are gruelling!

If you’re looking in the mirror & seeing those “Love Handles” forming due to the lockdown then they are the perfect recipe for your “Shred Session”.

Now, it is important to mention that Ab Workouts are NOT for weight loss. Hence, don’t expect to burn your belly fat with this workout because that’s not how it works.

You just can’t burn in one area of your body! However, after this workout, you will feel energized, healthy and if you repeat them continuously, you’ll start to feel those Abs kicking in!

Let us know after doing these how you felt and if they took your breath away!

Challenge – Don’t stop in the middle to sing, “Take my breath away!” and do these continuously!

Exercise #1: Bicycle Crunches

  • Have the lower back pressed firmly on the mat or ground
  • Lift your legs off the mat at a 45 degrees angle as you begin to lift your head and neck off the ground, keeping your abdominal muscles pulled in.
  • Then lift your upper body and draw one knee towards your body. Sametime, twist your head, neck and shoulder towards the leg that is drawing in letting the elbow touch the knee.
  • Then twist to the other side doing the same movement & repeat.


Exercise #2: Elbow Planks

  • Begin in the kneeling position. Bend your elbow to 90-degrees and pitch forward to place  your hands and forearms on the floor.
  • Now, extend the legs with the toes tucked under to press into the plank.
  • Bear in mind that you need to keep your body in a straight line, keeping your abdominal muscles tight.
  • Also, spread your fingers in your hand so that the weight is distributed evenly through the body.


Exercise #3: Leg Raises

  • Lie on your back. legs straight and together.
  • Keep your legs straight and lift them all the way up to the ceiling until your butt comes off the floor.
  • Slowly lower your legs back down till they’re just above the floor.
  • Hold for a moment and repeat.



Exercise #4: Russian Twists

  • Start by sitting & lift your feet slightly, keeping your knees bent slightly.
  • The spine is 45 degrees creating a V shape with torso and thighs.
  • Twist your abdominals left & right and each time you go touch with both hands.


Exercise #5: Superman Planks

  • Start in a push up position with your arms straight.
  • Slowly lift left arm and right left at the same time making sure the core is engaged & balance in the position of 1-2 seconds.
  • Return to the starting position & repeat with the opposite side.


Exercise #6: Side Plank – Left (Then on the Right Side for Exercise #7)

  • Start on your side with your feet together and one forearm directly below the shoulder.
  • Contract your core and raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from head to feet.
  • Hold the position without letting your hips drop.
  • Now do this on the right side.


Exercise #8: Scissors

  • Lie down with your legs extended in front of you & your arms by your sides, palms down.
  • If you want you can place your hands under your glutes for support below the small of your back, palms pressing into the floor.
  • Extend your legs straight up in the air & slowly open the legs out to the sides so you form a V with your legs.
  • Pause and bring your legs back and repeat.


Exercise #9: Flutter Kicks

  • Lie on your back and extend your legs up to a 45 degrees angle keeping your arms straight in line with the floor, palms facing down. Your head, neck and shoulder should be lifted slightly off the ground.
  • Keep your legs straight and glued together with the toes pointed & start by lowering one leg.
  • Next raise the lowered leg & lower the other leg & continue the movement focusing on the core.


Exercise #10: Mountain Climbers

  • Start from a high plank position with your hands under your shoulder.
  • Drive one knee towards your chest & return to the ab position after which to the same with the opposite knee.
  • Repeat the movements keeping the abs engaged.
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