25 Fun Things You Can Do At Home Instead of Watching TV!

As kids we were told by parents, “Stop being a Couch Potato!”, “Too many video games will spoil your eyes!”, yet after all those advices we have ended up not listening. Once we sit in front of the thing our teachers used to call the Idiot Box, we just sit and keep glaring at it as if it’s the love of our life.

For your information, we would like to share a few interesting stats:

  • In Dubai an average adult watches TV for almost 7 hours daily (6 hour 48 minutes to be precise)
  • Scientific Daily published an article in February 2019 saying that the simple act of switching on the TV for some downtime makes a bigger contribution to childhood obesity than we realize.
  • Still not convinced??? Well, studies have also shown TV watching leads to premature mortality, lower sperm count and anti-social or bad behaviour in children.

So, we all end up asking, “What to do if not share time with our beloved companion??? Life will be so boring!!!”

In today’s blog we have compiled a list of 25 fun activities anyone can do. You will end up feeling productive, motivated and best of all – CHEERFUL!…

Our list consists of helpful links to researched products on Amazon. Feel free to check them out as you like.

  1. Go for a walk, jog or enjoy a bike ride in your neighbourhood
  2. Clean the house
  3. Relax with a colouring book for adults
  4. Practice some yoga or meditate
  5. Call your parents. You’ll be surprised how much a little initiation from your end can do.
  6. Read a book
  7. Go to the gym
  8. Bake some brownies, cookies or cupcakes. Share them with your friends and family!
  9. Take a class! There are plenty of interesting classes you can explore on Udemy or Coursera!
  10. Donate! Go through your closets & you will find old clothes which you can donate and will be useful for someone else.
  11. Try out a new hobby – sewing, dancing, singing, sculpting, or just join a class!
  12. Research volunteer opportunities & make it a commitment to help at least once a month. You will be surprised how much it helps you.
  13. Start a Gratitude Journal!
  14. Look through old photos in album or on your phone and share a laugh with your partner.
  15. Plan a surprise for your loved one! Order flowers, cook a nice dinner or simply make a collage of the wonderful times & memories you’ve had together!
  16. Play a board game. We’ve loved Scrabble, Monopoly or simply a little bit of Uno! However, if you have a larger group, you can also try playing Taboo!
  17. Have some coffee & chit chat with a friend. Share 5 things each of you didn’t know about each other…
  18. Fix something in the house that has been bugging you.
  19. Rearrange the furniture
  20. Help your kids (or your grandkids, or your neighbour’s kids) with their homework
  21. Join a Meetup.com Group
  22. Stargaze. You may not remember the constellation, but you can still enjoy the beauty of the universe.
  23. Have a bon fire.
  24. Answer online surveys. Many companies pay for it so you can make the extra cash!
  25. Play with your pet.

We hope you found something fun & enjoyable to do instead of watching TV.

Whichever activity you pick, even if not from this list, but as long as it is not watching TV will only contribute to your health!…

Trust us there are so many more – relax with a bubble bath, play a game of Badminton and our list can go on, but we want you to share your activity with us here on SlimDubai.com

Author: Prashant

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